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3d-Printerstore.ch is Sales and Service partner for printer brands such as Raise3d, Craftbot, Intamsys, Builder3d, BCN3d, Flashforge and Formlabs. We also offer standard and special filaments for various applications from Spectrum, ProFill and many others.

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3d-printerstore.ch - except ag August 6, 2021

Pellet Printer - Soft Pneumatic Actuators Sh18A

Soft robotics are increasing in popularity compared to their rigid counterparts and can be used in applications that require the careful manipulation of sensitive objects, safe interaction with the user and complex motion - possible with the Pellet 3d printers from Tumaker!

AM Expo 2021

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag July 7, 2021

Transportation Engineering with Raise3d

3D printers can produce parts that are no longer available at all. Raise3d printers are used to produce functional parts and prototypes for locomotive systems and transport companies.

AM Expo 2021

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag July 5, 2021

Raise3D - High End 3D Printers

Raise3D is just an excellent choice in terms of price-quality relationship, with the highest standards on the market for Industrial 3d printing for flexible manufacturing.

AM Expo 2021

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag February 18, 2020

Craftbot Flow Generation

Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use 3D ecosystem of reliable plug and play printers based on the needs and feedback of our users. Our users always inspire us to do our best. As in the case of the new Craftbot Flow generation.

AM Expo 2020

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag March 4, 2019

High quality 3D printer

With the manufacturers Craftunique, Raise3d & BCN3D we have 3D printers of high quality for high standards in our showroom and of course in the warehouse. Not to forget the excellent quality of Spectrum filaments.

AM Expo 2019

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag March 4, 2019

3D printer for your application

With us you do not get talked into buying just any printer . No - tailored to your needs we advise you to the printer needed - with any available budget!

AM Expo 2019

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag March 4, 2019

3D Printer - CraftBot came, saw and conquered Hollywood

CraftBot made an impression at the set of Blade Runner 2049: 10 CraftBot Plus 3D printers were used in the Hollywood blockbuster to create super realistic replica bodies.

AM Expo 2019

3d-printerstore.ch - except ag January 12, 2018

3D Printer

We will show you an overview of our 3D printers such as BCN3D SigmaX, Ultimaker 3, Craftbot 3, Builder3d Large Format Printer, Formlabs Form2 SLA Printer, Raise3d

AM Expo 2018

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  • P 3D Scanners
  • P Further products
  • P 3D Scan Software
  • P Material extrusion (FDM, FFF, etc.)
  • P Photo Polymerisation (SLA, PJ, Clip, etc.)
  • P Components for equipment additive manufacturing
  • P Further machines, printer
  • P Plastics additive manufacturing
  • P Further materials additive manufacturing
  • S Consulting
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About us

Our idea
3D-Printerstore operates a well structured online-store and acts as supporter and consultant at the same time. We provide selected
products to enter the world of 3D Printing. The topic of 3D printing has to be brought closer by way of sale through stores.

In spring of 2013 we began planning for the 3D-Printerstore. The store opening was followed then in July 2013.
Therefore 3D-Printerstore is one of the first online stores in Switzerland, who is familiar with 3D printing and accessories.
What we can
3D-Printerstore searches , evaluates and offers 3D printing products for consumers and professionals . A wide and complete range
of products for 3D printing at competitive and fair prices.
As a Swiss distributor for printing system manufacturers such as Raise3d, Craftbot or Intamsys, 3D-Printerstore supplies and supports a network of dealers throughout Switzerland. So, we also guarantee the repair and spare parts service for our products. Customer proximity means for us advice and service on the phone, by mail, in the salesroom or directly at the customer site .

Our product range
Quality products - in every respect.

We want you to have fun with our products. Thereafter we act with the search and quality control of our products. We constantly check our offer
and extend it with new trends in a rapidly evolving environment.
We know our suppliers personally and therefore we are fully behind our products.