3Faktur GmbH

Short description

3Faktur is a 3D-printing service bureau based in Germany. We serve the most innovative companies all over Europe in the automotive, high-tech, medical, engineering, and aviation industries. Our service is focussed on additive manufacturing of end-use parts in Polyamide 12 and TPU (Multi Jet Fusion).

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Standards, Products, Services

  • S ISO 9001:2015
  • S DIN SPEC 17071
  • S Design of parts for additive manufacturing
  • S Printing
  • S Additive manufacturing plastics
  • S Surface treatment
  • S Surface coating
  • S Surface testing
  • S Part testing
  • S Rapid prototyping

About us

3Faktur is a service provider for additive manufacturing of industrial plastic parts. The company focuses on the manufacturing of end-use parts, using Polyamide 12 (Nylon 12) and elastic TPU, with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Due to the high degree of specialization, 3Faktur's operating processes are highly efficient and quality-optimized. The company is certified to ISO 9001 and is certified as an industrial AM site (according to DIN SPEC 17071). 3Faktur offers high-quality parts at very competitive prices, particularly for large quantities. 3Faktur runs multiple Multi Jet Fusion machines and ensures short delivery times, regardless of small or large quantities ordered.