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CENTREDOC September 16, 2021
Service Highlight

Where do you find out more after the fair?

On Additively.com, of course. Here you find access to the worldwide unique technology database for advanced manufacturing - 3DpaT of the Swiss Center for Data Analysis CENTREDOC.

CENTREDOC June 17, 2021
Product Highlight

INFOMAT: Monthly Innovative Materials Overview

Every month, the latest Scientific Publications and Patent Publications for Innovative Materials are scanned, structured with Artificial Intelligence and sent out to the users in the form of a tailormade Newsletter.

CENTREDOC June 16, 2021
Service Highlight

Worldwide Innovation Monitoring 3D Printing

Every Month, CENTREDOC checks the new patent publications worldwide in the area of 3DPrinting. The results are structured according to technologies and suppliers, and an automatic alert is sent to the users if something new pops up in their area of choice.

AM Expo 2021

CENTREDOC July 10, 2020
Service Highlight

State of the Art - Novelty - Freedom to Operate - Landscap

From a simple two-hour search in order to assess the existing patents on your idea, to a comprehensive map of thousands of patents which could influence your strategy, CENTREDOC offers the complete range of services you need for professional decision-making.

AM Expo 2020

CENTREDOC July 2, 2020
Product Highlight

RAPID4: Innovative Technology Monitoring Platform

Your innovation platform RAPID has been the reference among technology monitoring tools for 15 years. With this monitoring and multi-source solution, all strategic information flows of your company can be managed on a single platform (patents, science)

CENTREDOC June 25, 2020
Service Highlight

Worldwide Technology Monitoring

Every month we publish the latest publications with innovations on the topic of advanced manufacturing in all important industries worldwide. Benefit from this professional technology monitoring.

AM Expo 2020

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About us

CENTREDOC is your key partner for all your Business Intelligence and Technology Monitoring needs.


State of the art, Novelty, Freedom to operate, Patent landscape: for all your information search needs, CENTREDOC can provide a team of highly-trained scientists and engineers, specialising in database querying, information collection, analysis and synthesis.


We can provide you with our patent monitoring expertise, acquired through more than 50 years’ experience serving the most demanding companies. Our patent analysts are there for you throughout your strategic project, from setting up to managing your patent monitoring. Our monitoring services are based on our platform RAPID, a secure, centralised and easy-to-use tool.


Whether to provide your staff with basic training or a comprehensive course, CENTREDOC offers a catalogue of courses covering all aspects of intellectual property with a focus on strategy, management and technology transfer. CENTREDOC is IEEPI’s exclusive partner in Switzerland.


Setting up monitoring, managing an innovation process or organising the strategic information flow in your company are activities which require experience and proven processes. CENTREDOC’s staff are on-hand to provide you with the benefit of their experience.