Irpd AG

Irpd AG

Short description

We are the Swiss market and technology leader for the design, production and distribution of additively manufactured products. Additive technologies are our major focus.

Standards, Products, Services

  • S 3D Scanning
  • S Further services development
  • S Product development
  • S Engineering services
  • S Topology optimization
  • S Design of parts for additive manufacturing
  • S Reverse engineering
  • S Simulation (FEM, process simulation, etc.)
  • S Prototyping
  • S Industrial computed tomography
  • S material testing
  • S Measuring, 3D scanning
  • S Technical cleanliness
  • S Technology development
  • S Material development
  • S Application development
  • S Consulting additive manufacturing
  • S Workshops
  • S Entire systems
  • S Packaging
  • S Further research and development
  • S Printing
  • S Additive manufacturing plastics
  • S Additive manufacturing metals
  • S Additive manufacturing ceramics
  • S Further contract manufacturing
  • S Heat treatment
  • S Surface treatment
  • S Surface coating
  • S Surface cleaning
  • S Surface testing
  • S Equipment manufacturing
  • S Rapid prototyping
  • S Indirect processes (vacuum casting, metal casting etc.)
  • S Assembly
  • S Recycling

About us

Our offer includes a wide selection of technologies such as

• Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
• Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
• Vacuum Differential Pressure (VDD)
• Stereolithography (SLA)
• Vacuum casting (VAK)
• Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
• Jetting Technologies (MJM, PJ, 3DP, etc.)
• Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
• ScanLED Technology


The range of consulting and services is used across industries, for example in machine tool industry, tooling, die and mold, in medicine, architecture, the automotive industry and in other specialist fields. Consistently applied, the Layer Manufacturing Technologies help to minimize the innovation risk and reduce the development costs.

Rapid Prototyping: Components with complex geometries can be economically and quickly produced in metal or plastic using additive processes. Early adoption of these technologies for ergonomics and functional analysis, production planning, or market intelligence can minimize the risk of product development.

Series production: Today, not only individual prototypes but also small series are produced directly and without tools in polyamide, stainless and hot-work steel, titanium and aluminum via additive processes. The more complex the geometry of the product, the more economically it is produced using Additive Manufacturing (AM). With the possibility of using AM methods to produce the most complex geometries, the subject of "lightweight construction" takes on a new dimension.

Reverse Engineering: Shaping, haptics and ergonomics are becoming increasingly important criteria. By 3D scanning physical model and object surfaces, designers and product developers gain access to natural, ergonomic shapes that can be processed directly into production data or combined with CAD data and engineered data.

Material and process development: In cooperation with inspire AG and the industry, we develop plastic or metal powder materials for additive processes. Additive-made parts made of these specific powder materials are characterized by high density and best mechanical properties.