Proform AG

Short description

3D Printing / Rapid Prototyping / Additive Maufacturing -- service provider since 30 years

Standards, Products, Services

  • S Prototyping
  • S Consulting additive manufacturing
  • S Additive manufacturing plastics
  • S Rapid prototyping
  • S Indirect processes (vacuum casting, metal casting etc.)

About us

Top quality 3D printing!

The specialist for small feature parts.

Very high precision level and excellent surface quality.

Large range of materials.


Fast production of complex prototypes and small series of parts made of plastic with


♦  3D-printing / Additive Manufacturing:

                      - Stereolithography

                      - Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

♦   Vacuum Casting:

                       - Polyurethane

                       - Silicon rubber

♦   Rapid Tooling