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The Swiss Additive Manufacturing Group (SAMG) is a division of Swissmem for companies that are active in additive manufacturing as a developer, planner, producer or supplier, or which provide engineering, equipment or services to this sector.

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Additive manufacturing procedures have been known from research in this field for more than 15 years and are increasingly suitable for industrial applications. The technology is therefore gaining in importance as a factor in future production operations. Various studies indicate that the economic potential of this technology will amount to global sales of USD 12–20 billion in 2020. Current figures indicate that the predictions of previous studies are even being exceeded in some areas. Switzerland is renowned for its broad-based experience in additive manufacturing research and thus has the ideal framework for industrial implementation and the provision of training.

The SAMG follows the work of the CECIMO industry association (CECIMO Additive Manufacturing Working Group), cooperates internationally with various European associations and plays an active role in standardization discussions within international bodies.

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Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Adam M. Gontarz

Dr. sc. ETH Zürich Adam M. Gontarz

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