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TÜV SÜD is a trusted partner of choice for safety,security and sustainability solutions.It specialises in testing,certification,auditing and advisory services.Through more than 24,000employees across over 1,000 locations,it adds value to its customers, inspiring trust in a physical and digital world

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About us

Serial production – layer by layer

Additive manufacturing (AM) and its underlying 3D printing technology are advancing––both in the fields of prototyping and serial production. 
Stakeholders have high expectations of the technology's use in serial production. Additive manufacturing enables completely new designs to be produced and supply chains to be significantly shortened––saving time and money. However, additive manufacturing also requires compliance with numerous standards and requirements.

TÜV SÜD offers a comprehensive service portfolio in the field of additive manufacturing, providing bright prospects for the future.


How can we help you?

Are you a:

  • User of hardware and software in 3D printing
  • Customer of 3D print services
  • Supplier of machinery, materials, and software

and impose the highest demands on your additive-manufacturing-based serial production?
The AM professionals from TÜV SÜD are at your side. Offering a broad range of services, we provide all market players with support that is tailored to their needs.


Our services in additive manufacturing include:

Hardware & Software
Secure data streams, electrical safety of equipment, explosion protection, emission tests.

Our services: Certification of repeatability (industrial readiness), electrical/mechanical/laser safety, explosion protection & software/IP security

Feedstock & Material properties
Certification of manufacturers of materials and resources to ensure fast market launch of new materials (third-party certification scheme).

Our services: Feedstock properties certification, material properties certification & material testing

Process Chain Certification
Definition of critical influencing factors of serial production, monitoring of the quality relevant parameters defined for the production process, and certification of entire process chains in additive manufacturing.

Our services: Part-specific workflow certification including design/manufacturing process/regulative conformity

Product Testing, Certification and Approval
Conformity with all relevant industry standards, specifically for the medical, automotive, aerospace, and pressure equipment industries.

Our services: Pool together the cross-industry knowledge of TUV SUD experts to complement existing certification procedures with our AM-specific demands

Company Certification (Additive Manufacturer)
Ensuring scalability for a successful start in the technology and the fulfilment of the specific 3D Print technological based demands.

Our services: QM certification of an industrial AM production site

Training courses, workshops, and personnel certification, including issue of the relevant certificates.

Our services: AM Quality and Production Manager, Health & Safety, status quo of AM standards, risk assessments and more

Next Generation AM
Evaluation of the security, interconnectivity, and degree of automation of existing systems, implementation of digital monitoring solutions, support with defining the necessary parameters for manufacturing processes.

Our services: Data management, Industry 4.0, automation & IP rights and data safety

AM Standards
Establishment and documentation of international standards, active participation on the ISO/ASTM 261 and DIN CEN/TC 438 committees.
Examples of standards committees we participate in: ISO/ASTM JG 75, DIN, DVS


Be it implementation of closely defined manufacturing processes, handling of special materials, standardization of manufacturing processes, or compliance with the applicable standards, none of these processes must be allowed to impact on short delivery times and consistently high product quality. On top of this, expert staff needs to be trained, and competitiveness ensured on a market currently undergoing transformation. TÜV SÜD partners you in the transition process towards Industry 4.0.

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TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH
Ridlerstraße 65
80339 München

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 Gregor Reischle

Gregor Reischle

Head of Additive Manufacturing TÜV SÜD

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