Accelerate 3D printing in your organization with Additively PRO

Makes 3D printing easy
With Additively PRO, it is fast and easy to realize 3D printing projects
  • Either with your preferred suppliers or in our network of 250 service providers offering all 3D printing technologies and materials
Consolidates your 3D printing volumes
Additively PRO gives you full visibility on 3D printing activities
  • Consolidates volumes at your preferred 3D printing suppliers
  • Improves utilization of your internal 3D printers
Creates a 3D printing community
Additively PRO creates a 3D printing community across your entire organization
  • Gets people engaged and creative to find new solutions
  • Trains your community in workshops

Makes 3D printing easy: Additively PRO finds the right 3D printing solution with few minutes effort

Get your parts in three easy steps

Upload your parts within few minutes

Get your parts in three easy steps

Receive suitable quotations in standard template

Get your parts in three easy steps

Compare quotations and order your parts

  • Create request once and contact as many service providers as needed
  • Additively Activity Stream creates a history on each request, that everybody talks about the same
  • Files and information are exchanged over secure HTTPS connection
  • The network of 250 service providers allows Additively to always find the right solution
  • Fix timeline prevents waiting on feedback from service providers
  • Standard quotations with information on 3D printing technologies ensure comparability

Consolidates your 3D printing volumes: Additively PRO searches first at internal and preferred suppliers for a solution

Image of Additively PRO workflow
  • Full visibility on 3D printing volumes, prices, service providers, technologies and materials
  • Make-or-Buy decisions and supplier selection based on solid data basis

Creates a 3D printing community: Additively PRO connects all users to create new ideas and solutions

Learn how 3D printing is used within your organization

  • For which applications 3D printing is used?
  • Which 3D printing technologies are requested?
  • Where is additional support needed?

Find your 3D printing champions

  • Who is using the technologies intensively?
  • Who has the most innovative applications?

Connect all 3D printing users across your organization

  • Exchange creates new ideas and solutions
  • Solve challenges together

Train your community

  • Additively conducts workshops and training around topics as “design for 3D printing” or “applications of 3D printing”


Download Slides as PDF

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