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Necklace in the form of a twisted plot spindle - printed with a SLA 3D printer from DWS-Systems

High-precision realization of complex designs and patterns

DWS Systems designs and manufactures high-precision 3D printing systems for prototyping and fast - also industrial - production. The fine-beam laser…

Additive manufacturing of a heat exchanger with SLM Solutions

Additive manufacturing of a heat exchanger

URMA shows the successful use of additive manufacturing in heat transfer. Find out how additive manufacturing reveals a variety of advantages in a…

The Laser Hybrid process joins aluminum and steel parts at high speeds

Reduced assembly construction to reduce costs using SLM®

The heart of the welding process is the hybrid welding head with both an integrated GMA welding torch and laser optics. The new development of the…

SLM technology in medical and dental technology

SLM technology in medical and dental technology

SLM technology is becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of dental components. Learn why SLM titanium implants are a promising approach…

The BICAR together with its two inventors, Hans-Jörg Dennig (left) and Adrian Burri (right)

A sustainable Electric vehicle

Using additive manufacturing, Share your BICAR AG and the ZHAW Center for Product and Process Development in Zurich are creating a true innovation…

SikaBaffle®, produced with the German RepRap x500

Additive Manufacturing for Customized Ride Comfort

Using the German RepRap x500 3D printer speeds up development processes for functional structural components at Sika Automotive. A wide variety of…

Aviation and Aeronautics

Metal-based additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry

Aircraft engine manufacturers are among the early users of metal-based additive manufacturing. Learn how ASCO achieves a weight reduction of 31% and…


Automotive market: New opportunities with SLM technology

Metal-based additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the automotive market. From high-performance racing cars to production vehicles, the advantages…

A prototype for the windscreen wiper of an Airbus helicopter: Produced quickly and cost-effectively

Prototypes for Airbus Helicopter with X400

The world's leading helicopter manufacturer Airbus relies on the X400 3D printer from German RepRap to produce prototypes for windscreen wipers…

Faster and cheaper: Printing big prototypes with the help of the X1000

TAKATA Plas Tec GmbH prints prototypes with German RepRap

By purchasing the German RepRap X1000, Tacata PlasTec was able to significantly reduce the development costs and production time of prototypes. And…

Printing process of the individually manufactured shoe sole

Customized shoe soles in silicone

German RepRap's new LAM technology enables 3D printing of silicone using materials from The Dow Chemical Company. With this technology, customized…

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