ORLAS CREATOR® Metal 3D Printer for Precision Components

The high end 3D metal printer ORLAS CREATOR offers you all the advantages of additive manufacturing. Components and constructions in almost every geometric shape that cannot be manufactured using traditional manufacturing techniques can be created easily and quickly – without the need for additional

The system contains a construction chamber with an innovative coating concept that makes an accelerated and smooth operation possible – and hence a manufacturing speed that is 30 % quicker than comparable systems on the market.

At the heart of the system is a 250 W fiber laser that ensures a consistent process conditions and a fine resolution, high component density and surface quality due to its beam quality and performance stability.

The handling and processing of the printing data is realized directly via the CAD file – with the help of the 3D printing module integrated into the ORLAS SUITE CAD/CAM software.

With its machine, operating software, and interface development, ORLAS CREATOR fulfills all relevant criteria for a stand-alone system – and ensures easy integration possibilities.

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Product groups:
Equipment additive manufacturing
    Powder bed processes metal and ceramic (SLM, EBM, etc.)

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