the thinkGRIP - keep your distance from surfaces

With the thinkGRIP you have a tool at hand that can help you in many situations in the current situation - stylish and customizable. It is a tool that you can always have with you

Gripping doorknobs, operating cash or ticket machines, holding onto handrails in subway and trains - all of this is now possible with the thinkGRIP without any physical contact.

Thanks to the integrated container and the practical spray head, you always have your disinfectant at hand.

With the help of the integrated clip, you can easily attach the thinkGRIP to your pocket or backpack.

The thinkGRIP is produced additively (HP MJF process), made of high quality plastic PA12 and the surface is specially treated. It can be heated up to 80 ° and put in the dishwasher for cleaning if necessary.


thinkGRIP VIP - risk of confusion excluded
Whether name, company logo or personnel number - personalize your thinkGRIP and make it your very personal everyday helper. Send us your individualization request directly on request.


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