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By working closely with SEDAX, you are able to benefit from access to the best software tools in product development, design, value and value stream analysis.

SEDAX is a solution provider in the fields of industrial design, engineering, and product design.

As admantec is part of the same group of companies as SEDAX, you benefit from access to the best software tools in the areas of product development, design, value, and value stream analysis.


Simulation and Calculation - Reduce Time Factor

A particularly interesting software tool supports you in the simulation and calculation to shorten the time factor. A reduction of the physical prototypes produces fewer loops and shortens the time to market.

Simulations reduce the time and effort required for prototype production and trials.

Clear specifications ensure the load-optimized design of the components and a reduction in the use of materials. The technical feasibility of a concept can thus be evaluated mathematically and optimized accordingly.

Multiple iterations in the development process significantly reduce the time required for development and development costs. The required proofs can thus be documented.



  • Structural Analysis (FEM)
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Multi-body simulation (MBS)
  • Flow Simulation (CFD)
  • Static, dynamic calculations
  • Linear elastic and elastoplastic material behavior
  • Calculation and design during the design phase
  • Verification calculations (screws, pressure vessels, welding seams, vibrations, service life, etc.)
  • Design of CFRP material/construction
    lightweight construction optimization
    Engineering programming and calculation
    Software: ANSYS Workbench, ADAMS MKS


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