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Have you heard about the benefits of additive manufacturing and want to use 3D printing for your business? We would be happy to show you how and where additive manufacturing processes can be used profitably for your products and ideas and support you throughout the entire process.

Would you like to use additive manufacturing in your company, but the following questions arise:

  • Where does the use of AM parts have the greatest potential?
  • Which AM technology is best suited?
  • How do we lead the workforce through the changes?

We help you to identify where Additive Manufacturing makes the most sense and is most economical for your company. Doing so, we accompany you along the entire process chain.

This means that we go through 4 basic steps with you: We start with an initial Kick-off, during which the initial situation is analysed and potential fields of application are worked out. This is followed by a phase that we call "innovation value creation". Here it becomes more concrete and potential additive manfucaturing parts are prioritized and untried on their cost-effectiveness to then implement them in the next step. Our consulting approach aims at a holistic "support", in which we define the engineering process together and regularly reflect on what we have learned.


1. Kickoff

Topics Technique Change
Introduction to AM/Change What is AM? What technologies are there? Why do changes fail/ succeed?
Define project team Who are the relevant people to be integrated (innovators, critics, informal leaders, etc.)?
NOW: Analysis of the initial situation Creating a common opinion of the company's situation
TARGET: Definition of goals Creating a common perspective of the future desired company situation.
Definition Way of NOW Developing projects - Why the target situation is important?


2. Innovation-WS

Topics Technique Change
Identification of potential AM parts Which parts support the desired target situation? What consequences do the parts have for the company, employees, culture and future orientation?
Priorisation of potential AM parts Which parts can be realized quickly and easily?
Initial economic efficiency Create and compare full costing for subtractive and additive manufacturing of the selected part. Which fears / worries / consequences prevent us from honestly listing the profitability?


3. Implementing

Topics Technique Change
Converting the first AM parts Implementing the first AM parts together How do we sell the success of the first parts to the team?
Economic viability Finalize existing full costing How do we sell profitability to those affected/participants?
Make-or-Buy-Decision What are the possibilities? What strategy do we want to pursue? What consequences does this have for our employees?


4. Accompanying 


Topics Technique Change
Implementing AM parts Process list of AM parts. Add to list continuously. n/a
Defining Engineering process What should the engineering process look like? n/a
Experiences, learnings Regular reflection - How do we integrate the new learned technology into everyday life? Regular reflection - How do we integrate what we have learned into everyday life?
Celebrate any successes or take corrective measures Install the debriefing process How do we deal with recognition and feedback in management?
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