Change Management for additive manufacturing

The introduction of additive manufacturing poses the particular challenge of overcoming human resistance to the new technology and building up new know-how in the team. We support you in overcoming these challenges with our change management concept.

The use of additive manufacturing often requires a new changeover and can therefore raise questions and implementation difficulties for employees. Thanks to our specialist, we are able to meet this challenge and ensure problem-free implementation.


Successfully mastering change management

Many companies have not yet taken the step into additive manufacturing technology. Most companies know that they will not be able to avoid this technology in the near future.

Besides the strategic and technical questions, there are human challenges:

  • How do we build up the know-how within the engineering team?
  • How do we overcome human resistance to this new technology?


The introduction of this new technology requires a new way of thinking on the part of those involved. The designers and engineers are used to think subtractionally, i.e. to remove material from a full volume body. You must take into account the limitations of technical feasibility, e.g. during milling in development. For example, internal geometries can only be realized with complicated individual parts and assembly-intensive assemblies. With AM technology we have the possibility to realize almost all geometries and can thus optimally design parts according to their function. This rethinking leads to a change, and experience has shown that people find it difficult to cope with change. Therefore it is very important to accompany this process professionally.


Z.E.C. AG as an engineering service provider for additive manufacturing has developed a process together with the change management expert Marco Stingelin from lettinggo to answer these questions. We would be pleased to accompany you on the way to successful additive production!

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