Digitized quotation process

As an innovative AM technology partner, Admantec uses the modern possibilities of information technology and consistently relies on digitized business processes, including the preparation of quotations.

Quotations are created "In the blink of an eye"

As a customer from the very beginning, Admantec set up and optimized the quotation process for additive manufacturing together with Imnoo very early on.


There are different ways open to you

The easiest way to get a quick quote is to upload your 3D data to our website and enter material, quantities, etc. You will then receive a tailor-made offer from us within a few hours.

Of course, you can also send us your 3D data by e-mail, and we will then add the models to the offer tool for you. We will then send you the offer either by e-mail or directly from the quotation tool.

Finally, you also have an FTP server at your disposal to transmit your data to us in a protected area.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to an exciting and fruitful cooperation.

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