Production with TRUMPF Laser Metal Fusion (LMF)

Admantec applies Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) technology to produce metallic components. Using the TRUMPF TruPrint 1000, admantec is the first Swiss supplier to utilize the leading powder board process for the additive production of metal parts.

You are interested in using components for serial products? The Laser Metal Fusion technology enables admantec to offer an industrial solution for the production of metal parts. A variety of metallic materials can be used and high-quality parts can be manufactured cost-effectively.


Laser metal fusion .

Laser metal fusion is often referred to as metal 3D printing, powder bed fusion, or selective laser melting. The laser builds up the workpiece from a powder bed, layer by layer. A CAD model provides the plan for doing so, and no tools are required. The powder is added to a build platform. Here, the laser beam accurately melts on the powder according to the CAD data and joins defined points to the layer underneath. The laser then repeats this process until the metal part is finished. The workpiece has the same properties as the metal powder which was used. A large variety of metal materials in powder form can be used, such as steel, aluminum, and titanium.


Material Input

A variety of metallic materials can be processed with the LMF method. In the case of iron-based alloys, the focus is on common stainless steels and tool steels. However, alloys of aluminium, titanium, nickel and cobalt chrome as well as precious metals are also available. If required, we develop further application-specific material alloys together with you and the powder suppliers.


Advantages of laser metal fusion

As a supplement to conventional production methods, the LMF method offers a number of advantages. There are virtually no limits on the design freedom, which enables complex forms and custom components to be produced quickly, cost-effectively, and with flexibility. When conventional production methods reach their limits, LMF can provide the answer. It enables cost-effective production, even for small lot sizes.


The printer

A compact and robust machine for generative production of small industrial single parts and series using laser metal fusion.

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