Control unit for a ballistic analysis system

Dimensional accuracy, high-quality surfaces and series quality with an annual quantity of 150-200 units are often a great challenge. Thanks to the vacuum casting process, a cost-saving solution that will satisfy the customer can be offered.

The operating unit represents the heart of an analysis microscope and allows the user a simple and intuitive operation of all functions. Various input options, such as an integrated touchscreen, joysticks and other controls, allow a ballistics expert to analyze several projectiles or cartridge cases in direct comparison and in real time.


High requirements in terms of surface and tolerances can be fulfilled with vacuum casting

Important points for the customer were the exact surface and color matching to the microscope. According to the information on RAL color and VDI surface, the specifications could be implemented. The pictograms were subsequently applied by tampon printing. In addition, an electrically conductive copper coating on the inside, shields the electronic components against electrical interference.

To ensure a simple final assembly, small tolerances must be observed. These are ensured by a precisely preprocessed master model. Thus, the electronic components such as touch screen and boards can be easily installed in the finished small series housing. Also the joysticks, rotary knobs and pushbuttons, as well as various connectors, are seamlessly integrated into the finished components.

On the recommendation of our technical advisors, the number of parts was reduced from three to two. This saved additional production costs for master models, mold making and finish.


Flexibility thanks to on-demand production

The advantages are obvious. Due to the varying demand of 50-200 units per year and possible design changes, vacuum casting is a flexible and profitable solution. Production takes place according to customer requirements and with very short lead times.

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