Cost reduction through reverse engineering

The company Poly-Projekt GmbH faced the challenge in the production of cover plugs that a small number of pieces had excessive prices. Thanks to reverse engineering, a more cost-effective alternative could be found. Costs fell from CHF 10. Quantity to CHF 3.50.-

The challenge: cost reduction

Poly-Projekt GmbH from Zollikofen develops, distributes and installs products in the surveillance and security sector. It sets its focus according to its guiding principle: Everyone should be able to live as long and independently as possible in their own home.

In an installation in the hospital area, an unwound standard jack plug is used. The complete installed equipment is white only the cover cap of the jack plug is in black. The cover cap is only available in white at an excessive price. Complete jack plug with black cover cap CHF 2.50. White cover cap CHF 10.00. Quantity approx. 1'000 per year.


Our solution

During the discussion with the customer, the idea of printing the cover cap with SLS in white came up very quickly.

We did a reverse engineering (4h) of the part and had a prototype of the cover produced. Tests have shown that the cover cap fulfils its function. For a batch size of 300 pieces we receive a unit price of CHF 3.50.


Our Conclusion

SLS has proven to be an advantageous alternative to injection moulding for smaller series.


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