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In order to optimize the 2-component parts, the customer wanted to perform empirical tests on usability and functionality. The vacuum casting process enabled Prototech to produce the components as close to serial production as possible.

Optimization of Shore hardness, diameter, lamella thickness in the pre-production series

Our customer wanted to optimize fastening elements, which serve to secure ventilation covers of room air conditioning systems, in practical application tests before series production. A challenge here was to ensure good frictional locking.

For this purpose, the 2-component parts were produced with different Shore hardnesses, different diameters and lamella thicknesses in the pre-series. In practical application tests, the variant with the best features was determined. Based on the knowledge gained in the field test, the number of lamellas was further reduced.

After a final version in the pre-series, series production could be started very quickly.

Vacuum casting process for maximum series proximity

In order to produce an optimised product, it was important for the customer to collect empirical information about the usability and functionality of the frictional fasteners. For this purpose, the 2-component parts needed to be manufactured as close to series as possible. Therefore, Prototech chose the vacuum casting process.

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