Cleaning of 3D-printed devices

The actual issue with 3D-printed devices in the medical device industry is the presence of metal powder remains on the device itself. We developped a wet process for the removal of these particles.

Showcase (real application example)

KKS offers its long-lasting expertise and its passion for surface refinement to a worldwide customer base in the form of advanced services – services which we constantly adjust to changing needs while carrying forward our research into new and improved procedures.

In our Medical Surface Center, we collaborate with our customers to develop processes adapted to their actual preferences and continue our research on new and perfected methods.

Recently we developped a new method for freeing 3-D printed devices from their processing powders and contaminations. The aim was to design a wet process, to enable the removal of processing powders in all pores or difficult-to-reach areas.

An example for such 3-D printed medical device are grids, which can be used as interbody cages for spine surgery. On such devices the surface is of high importance as the bone has to grow back as fast as possible on the structure.

KKS Ultraschall AG supported Multiple customers in realising this process.


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Metal / Titan / titanium
Metal / Edelstahl / stainless steel

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KKS Ultraschall AG

Die KKS Ultraschall AG ist ein auf den Spezialgebieten Ultraschall-technik und Oberflächenveredelung führendes Unternehmen, welches mit seiner anwendungsorientierten Forschung und Entwicklung an vorderster Front tätig ist.

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