Bobbins series of 4000

In order to establish a more flexible supply chain and shorter time to market, KUK Electronic AC produces a part of its bobbin series with selective laser sintering.

Showcase (real application example)

KUK Electronic AG is a production company for coil and electronics with the
locations in Appenzell (Switzerland), Shanghai (China) and Nová Dubnica (Slovakia).

Wound electric coils are used in different sizes and quantities. To ensure the greatest possible flexibility in production, KUK gets a portion of their electric coils manufactured with selective laser sintering technology. The prerequisite for this was that strengths of 44-52 MPa can be guaranteed depending on the material selection.

KUK therefore benefits from a very short delivery time of 4 working days and retains the possibility to adjust the coil diameter or the contacting technique at any time.

The quality control system of prodartis AG ensures a sustained quality of materials and forms.

prodartis AG supported KUK Electronic AG in realising this process.


KUK Electronic AG



Major benefits achieved

Continuous product development / frequent changes in product design
Order lead time reduction

Used technologies

Used materials

Plastic / PA 12

Field of innovation

Cost-effective, fast or flexible supply chain


Provider who helped realising this showcase

prodartis AG

Additive Serienfertigung von Kunststoffbauteilen, spritzgussnahe Qualität, 12% dichtere SLS-Teile - High Quality SLS parts, SLS mass production, SLS parts with 12% more density

prodartis AG will display this showcase at the following exhibition:

AM Expo 2016
20. and 21. September 2016, Messe Luzern, Switzerland
Halle 02 / Booth C2080