Bobbins series of 4000

In order to establish a more flexible supply chain and shorter time to market, KUK Electronic AC produces a part of its bobbin series with selective laser sintering.

KUK Electronic AG is a production company for coil and electronics with the
locations in Appenzell (Switzerland), Shanghai (China) and Nov√° Dubnica (Slovakia).

Wound electric coils are used in different sizes and quantities. To ensure the greatest possible flexibility in production, KUK gets a portion of their electric coils manufactured with selective laser sintering technology. The prerequisite for this was that strengths of 44-52 MPa can be guaranteed depending on the material selection.

KUK therefore benefits from a very short delivery time of 4 working days and retains the possibility to adjust the coil diameter or the contacting technique at any time.

The quality control system of prodartis AG ensures a sustained quality of materials and forms.

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