jig manufacturing with SLS parts

smart solutions in jig designing at Satrotec AG - starting with easy, but individual feeding rolls, brazing jigs until complex gripping jigs to load injection moulding cavities

Showcase (real application example)

Satrotec AG is a dynamic automotive supplier in Eglisau, canton of Zurich. The company develops many of its production processes itself and engineers its production jigs. We therefore confronted the company with the laser sinter technology to show that we are able to provide complex parts in a very solid quality within shortest time with an interesting pricing. We have recommended ourselves as an alternative i.e. for milled POM parts. Satrotec was extremely interesssted in the possibilities and started soon to enquire first parts, orders followed quickly. The designers at Satrotec began to love the technology and the quality of the parts. They started to develop i.e. rolls which can feed stamped parts into the machine (s. image). They saw the possibility that the rolls can be in the exact dimension which fit to the stamped parts. Later on, they designed i.e. a brazing jig (s. image) and started to combine SLS parts with standard and bespoke produced metallic parts. Carrying elements where done by SLS technology. One of their latest development is a gripping jig (s. image) which orientates stamped metal contacts correctly for the injection moulding process. Again, they mixed very smartly SLS parts, standard parts and high precision wire eroded parts.

Rapid Manufacturing AG supported Satrotec AG in realising this process.


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