Window bulls eye for aircon device

plastic window insert as a flange for exhaust air hose of an aircon device

Showcase (real application example)

Always when it starts to be hot you might think of purchasing an aircon device. When you check them out in a store or online you often won't realize that each aircon device needs to be connected to a hose which carries the hot exhaust air to the outside. This hose again needs to be connected to a window or to a hole in a wall.

LKU Leuenberger Klimageräte Vertriebs GmbH offered for many year so called window bulls eye as a flange for the exhaust air hose, made by injection moulding. Unfortunately one day the supplier of the window bulls eye didn't exist anymore and there was no second source available for the injection moulding part.

The innovative managing owner of LKU Leuenberger Klimageräte Vertriebs GmbH got in touch with Rapid Manufacturing Stebler und redeveloped in a reverse engineering process based on a last physical model the window bulls eye. He didn't only ask for a pure remodelling - for security reason, he decided to ask for a screwable lid instead of the original flip-top lid in order to make sure that you can't put your hand through the bulls eye from the outside.

Finally we built the new window bulls eye by laser sintering in polyamide and coloured it on customer's request in grey. Since that time, LKU Leuenberger Klimageräte Vertriebs GmbH offers again an innovative window bulls eye for their customers.

Rapid Manufacturing AG supported LKU Leuenberger Vertriebs GmbH in realising this process.


LKU Leuenberger Vertriebs GmbH


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Rapid Manufacturing AG

Ihre Laser-Sinter-Boutique für Prototypen und Kleinserien in Polyamid

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