Gear for tram terminal station displays

With the sintered gear, the display of terminal stations within trams can be repaired. In light boxes, the gear transports the film with each terminal station name.

Showcase (real application example)

Foreign objects which come into the transmission of the light box damage the gears. The gear itself is correctly scaled and designed.

The availability of the gears is no longer assured because the supplier no longer exists.

As starting point, there was a physical gear, drawings were not owned by Zurich Public Transporation and could not be claimed.

By measure of gear, a 3D CAD file was created. The production by selective laser sintering in the material  PA12 provides the necessary mechanical strength and ductility.

Thanks to the gears the light boxes can continue to operate.

René Faigle AG supported Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) in realising this process.


Zurich Public Transport (VBZ)


Industrial Manufacturing

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Provider who helped realising this showcase

René Faigle AG

René Faigle AG will display this showcase at the following exhibition:

AM Expo 2016
20. and 21. September 2016, Messe Luzern, Switzerland
Halle 02 / Booth E2171