Part of ECU housing made of PP by SLS manufacturing

Using SLS Polypropylene (PP) powder allows in the early stage to produce close to serial production ECU housing parts which can be intergrated in the vehicles to perform Lifetime Tests.

Showcase (real application example)

Vehicle manufacturers have the goal to reduce the number of electronic control units in the car to achieve synergies and at most weight and cost reduction.

AM produced prototypes are supporting to ensure in early stage that the mechanical housing properties, in particular the resonance frequencies of the combined control device components and their sensors are not disturbing within their respective sensing / control area.

Using for SLS manufacturing Polypropylene powder „ROLASERIT® PP02OF1“ to produce prototypes helps tremendously in early stage of development to perform design verification, identify mechanical weaknesses, determine required material thickness (weight), determine number of fixing screws and achieve optimum resonance behavior.

The start of production can be easily supported due to the high mechanical robustness oft he parts.

The ROLASERIT® PP02OF1 has the following characteristics:

  • Low Cost
  • Simple processing without warpage
  • Good powderflow with less aging
  • No additional additives necessary
  • High parts ductility     > 15 %


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