Recertification for excellent quality management system

The AMotion Center in Stabio, Switzerland recently received the recertification for its excellent quality management system of the development and production of metal alloys solutions.

Back in 2017, the AMotion Center was the first 3D printing company in Switzerland to receive the EN 9100 certification and therefore offer fully certified 3D printing processes and post processing according to the Nadcap Revision A Standard.The Nadcap accreditation confirms that a company respects the highest quality requirements related to special processes in the aerospace business.

With the AMotion Center, GF has founded a strongly focused competence center for Additive Manufacturing offering high quality production processes as well as certified post processing in-house, including surface treatment, heat treatment and non-destructive testing. This helps not only to guarantee a very high level of quality but reduces the total time efforts needed for the entire production process.

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