Automation and standards

Thanks to automation, standards, and certificates, addi-tive manufacturing is gaining ground as a solution for ever-larger volumes. You will discover some inspiring solutions in this topic.

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Zurich University of Applied Science - Institute of Product Development and Production Technologies May 8, 2023

Continuing education in additive manufacturing

Education and training in additive manufacturing is our contribution to increase the efficiency in the use of this constantly growing manufacturing technology. Sustainability, acceleration and cost reduction are possible, if the training matches.

Zurich University of Applied Science - Institute of Product Development and Production Technologies May 8, 2023

Additive value in product and production development

Enhancement of products and production is our focus in Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing. This video shows our typical equipment for Additive Manufacturing Quality enhancement.

AMPA October 3, 2022

Call for Papers - AMPA23

We would like to announce the Call for Paper for AMPA2023, which is organized by ETH Zurich and will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland, September 12-14, 2023. We kindly invite you to submit an abstract by November 11, 2022.

Advisors4am GmbH & NUFORM September 2, 2021

Bundled expertise for superior AM solutions

We have made it our mission to accompany our customers through all process steps from the clarification of requirements to the ready-to-install component, thus enabling a risk-free and rapid entry into the world of additive manufacturing.

AM Expo 2021

DIM3NSIONS GmbH September 1, 2021

Printed serial parts at Rufalex

Rufalex Rolladen-Systeme AG in Kirchberg BE does not only print prototypes and jigs and fixtures with their Ultimaker 3D printers but also serial parts for their production in Switzerland. This allows the company to stay flexible and able to supply in times of uncertain logistics and supply chains.

AM Expo 2021

Materialise August 5, 2021

3D Printing Lightweight Metal Parts at Scale for Pinarello

To create Pinarello’s new racing bike, Dogma F, they needed the help of innovative partners and the latest technologies. Materialise’s complete metal 3D printing services and tailor-made workflows were a major enabling factor: almost cutting the weight of a crucial seat component in half.

AM Expo 2021

prodartis AG June 15, 2020

Why CT perfectly complements additive manufacturing

For additively manufactured components with complex geometries, conventional test methods reach their limits. Using the example of housings intended for hearing protection and a connection angle, we show you how you can achieve reliable quality assurance despite complexity and structure.

TÜV SÜD February 7, 2019

Fewer supplier audits due to new standards

Standards in all industries ensure that there is an approach that is generally accepted. Committees at DIN and the Joint Committee of ISO and ASTM unite a large number of relevant market participants and already provide a good range of standards.

AM Expo 2019

TÜV SÜD February 5, 2019

Assured quality for additive manufacturing sites

TÜV SÜD and DB have developed a certification scheme for AM suppliers of spare parts and finished components. The scheme ensures consistent and reproducible product quality throughout the process chain. Two companies have already been certified according to this new guideline.

AM Expo 2019

AMF ANDREAS MAIER GmbH January 23, 2019

The efficient zero-point clamping system

With technological superiority the zero-point system from AMF has virtually revolutionised the zero-point clamping technology market. The highly precise clamping modules with high draw-in, locking and holding forces ensure perfect clamping in the widest range of applications.

AM Expo 2019

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