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Rapid Manufacturing AG October 25, 2022

FS 3200 PA-F - a unique polyamide

As a former beta tester, we are the only service bureau in the world to use Farsoon's special material! There is not only the "ONE" polyamide - polyamides is a collective term for various thermoplastics.

Rapid Manufacturing AG October 25, 2022

Drone parts for Wingtra Ltd.

The mapping drone of Wingtra – airplane and VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) Additive manufacturing parts suitable for air transportation – by Rapid Manufacturing

Zurich University of Applied Science - Institute of Product Development and Production Technologies October 6, 2021

Parametric structures in jewellery design

Aesthetic implementation of parametric structures in jewelry design using additive manufacturing - A symbiosis of aesthetics, technology and science.

BSF Bünter AG September 3, 2021

Automation in seconds - optimized feedrail

An automation system has to move 20 different products very quickly from a conveyor bowl to the assembly line. A hard job for the engineers, but a perfect job for SLM!

AM Expo 2021

Solidtec GmbH August 20, 2021

Injection Molding Prototypes

During the construction, attention is paid to the high stability and durability of the tool in order to achieve the lowest possible cycle times for injection molding. This means that, depending on the original material, far more than 100,000 components can be manufactured.

AM Expo 2021

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 9, 2021

AM: maximum productivity in the smallest of space

Combining the Multiplate option with Multilaser gives you the highest productivity. Up to four build jobs can be printed without machine operator intervention. As a result, you achieve the lowest cost per unit. Learn more about it in the video.

Rapid Manufacturing AG August 9, 2021

Rapid Product Development for Research

Rapid product development - the collaboration between the focus projects of the ETH Zurich and Rapid Manufacturing AG Rümlang Zurich as an example. ethec is an electric motorcycle with an amazing distance range and RoBoa is a robot snake for search and rescue in buried areas.

AM Expo 2021

AM Polymers GmbH August 2, 2021

Application-Oriented Polymer Material/ Machine Advice

AM Polymers GmbH offers exclusively through its system engineering competence the selection of the appropriate material for your application and the on-site run-in on your Laser Sinter (LS) or High-Speed-Sintering (HSS) 3D printer.

AM Expo 2021

Rapid Manufacturing AG July 23, 2020

Express production for prototypes

If time is short we can make an express order. To do this, we reduce the height (volume to be produced) so that we reach the desired time window. Hard to believe, but in combination with express courier services, next-day deliveries of parts become possible.

AM Expo 2020

Rapid Manufacturing AG June 25, 2020

alcento ornamental lights

alcento is a premium ornamental light for both home and office use. Part of the design are three cable clamps for fixation. They have to be black, good quality and should be produced in Switzerland in a small batch serie. The requirements were matched with the new additive SLS FLIGHT technology.

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