The electronics industry is facing ever shorter product life cycles and increasingly customized requirements. These developments mean lower production quantities – making additive manufacturing all the more attrac-tive. Progress with direct printing of electronic compo-nents is another factor.

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AMPA July 27, 2023

AMPA Conference Programme and Tickets

We are looking forward to more than 40 exciting contributions from industry and research at the AMPA conference (12-14 September 2023 in Lucerne). The AMPA Conference will be held in Lucerne, Switzerland, from 12 to 14 September 2023.

inspire AG January 23, 2019

Additive Manufacturing of Intelligent Solenoid Valve (iSV)

Additive manufacturing (AM) enables to place various sensors in specific areas of a part in close proximity to the location of interest. This showcase presents the design and manufacture of miniturized, intelligent and Industry4.0 ready high-pressure H2-valves with integrated sensors.

AM Expo 2019

prodartis AG April 9, 2018

Bobbins series of 4000

In order to establish a more flexible supply chain and shorter time to market, KUK Electronic AC produces a part of its bobbin series with selective laser sintering.

AM Expo 2019

CSEM SA February 6, 2018

Mechanical parts featuring built-in electrical functions

This showcase relates to a novel design concept based on additive manufacturing, which enables the development of parts featuring built-in electrical wires and connectors. The concept is successfully applied to re-design the rotor of a SlipRing Assembly intended to space applications.

AM Expo 2018

Irpd AG May 26, 2016

Flat suction cup for computer chips

Flat suction cup for cleaning of computer chips with thickness of 10-20 microns. Integration of a connection for ESD ionizer. Geometry can only be manufactured with additive processes.

AM Expo 2018