Equipment manufacturing

Customized mass production, functional design, enhanced energy and resource efficiency as well as shorter innovation cycles: these advantages of additive manufacturing are increasingly utilized in equipment manufacturing.

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AM Polymers GmbH August 2, 2021

End of Arm Tool (EoAT) as gripper made of ROLASERIT® TPU01

Complete solution for a gripper made of ROLASERIT® TPU01: Concept, design, manufacturing and easy post-processing by coloring or surface smoothing by LMD GmbH.

SGSolution AG June 16, 2021
Service Highlight

SGS Academy - new consulting concept

We are pleased to introduce the new consulting concept of SGSolution AG and nw GmbH. The SGS Academy focuses on knowledge transfer in 3D printing, technical assessment of a company/products and change management.

myprintoo GmbH August 26, 2020

3D printed load-bearing fixture for E-wheelchair

UNA wheel, a start-up from Moscow, invented a unique electric motor, giving wheelchair users extra mobility. The electric motor is attached to a wheelchair with a load-bearing fixture which needs to be extremely stable and lightweight simultaneously. A perfect task for the Composer A4 by Anisoprint.

Rapid Manufacturing AG July 29, 2020

Fast product development of the noonee chairless chair

The noonee chairless chair relieves worker, supports a healthy working position and makes the worker more efficient. During the product development, Rapid Manufacturing Ltd. played an intensive role by supporting noonee sometimes even with express production of prototypes.

Jet Clean Systems AG February 12, 2020

Follow-up study "SURFAST for Additive Manufacturing"

In an extended study, the Institute for Materials Engineering and Plastics Processing at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil used various tests to investigate how the surface of additively manufactured components can be improved using SURFAST.

1zu1 Prototypen GmbH & Co KG February 6, 2020

3D printing for perfect rubber and silicone parts

There are many good reasons why elastic materials are used: to achieve a specific function, a special feel or an unusual appearance to name just a few – 3D printing helps in a fast and precise way to manufacture components made of silicone and rubber.

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG February 6, 2020
Product Highlight

3D Printer - ProJet MJP 2500/2500 Plus

Access to high quality and functional prototypes made of plastic or elastomers has never been easier and faster than with the 3D Systems MJP EasyClean System. In addition, this 3D printer excels with 3D printing speeds up to three times faster than printers of the same class.

Sidrag AG January 23, 2019
Service Highlight

Aluminium, zinc & magnesium die casting from a single source

For many years we have been successfully producing die-cast components from aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys. We are specialized in small and medium series of visible and structural components with high-quality requirements.

BSF Bünter AG April 4, 2018

Thin-walled cover for microforce sensor for nano-newtons

The component combines the strengths of additive manufacturing with the traditional post processing. Thin wall thickness, freedom of design, precise guides, highest surface quality and a marketable price in quantities of 500-1000 pcs/year.

Torson Injex AG February 20, 2018

Additive tooling: Injection molded plug housing overnight

The increasing need for innovation demands agile product development. We demonstrate how AM decreases turn-around time for injection molded prototypes from several weeks to a few days. As a demonstration, a plug housing is injection molded in 24 hours using the production material (PBT Valox 325).

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