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APS - Tech Solutions September 9, 2021

4 x stronger than titanium - 3D printing with Carbon

With the additive machine tool, the Wizard 480+ and the APS continuous filament technology, reproducible feather-light and high strength functional components can be 3D printed manufactured!

Advisors4am GmbH & NUFORM August 24, 2021
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Precision drive of a prototype plant

The assembly serves as the mechanical heart for driving a prototype system for the additive manufacturing of wear-resistant carbide materials with the special requirement of a micrometre-precise centric drive.

OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule – Institut für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung (IWK) August 19, 2021
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CREAMELT® 3D Printing Filaments

CREAMELT® is a registered trademark of the Institute for Materials Engineering and Plastics Processing IWK of the OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. We develop, produce and optimize filaments for Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing.

GF Casting Solutions AG August 16, 2021

Additive Manufacturing at the GF AMotion Center

Learn more about how GF Casting Solutions profites from a well-experienced precision casting know-how to improve its additive manufacturing competence.

NematX AG August 6, 2021
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Liquid Crystal Polymers - New High-Performance AM Materials

Nematic 3D Printing - high-precision end-use products for the harshest application environments: 10x stronger than PEEK - 250°C heat resistance - inert material properties - 25 µm part precision.

GF Casting Solutions AG August 5, 2021

New dimensions with the turbocharger demonstrator of GF

Additive manufacturing offers unlimited possibilities in terms of design, speed and production processes. We offer you serial production of big components with complexe forms and functional integration; even for motorsport solutions thanks to printing spaces of up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

GF Casting Solutions AG August 3, 2021
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3D-printed turbocharger for motorsports

The motorsportworld is changing fast and speed is crucial to adapt to new trends. Additive technologies help to build more sustainable and powerful solutions like turbochargers. Learn more!

AM Polymers GmbH August 2, 2021

End of Arm Tool (EoAT) as gripper made of ROLASERIT® TPU01

Complete solution for a gripper made of ROLASERIT® TPU01: Concept, design, manufacturing and easy post-processing by coloring or surface smoothing by LMD GmbH.

AM Polymers GmbH August 2, 2021
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ROLASERIT® PBT01 - Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) & PP

Learn more about polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) & PP powder here. The overview shows and explains the differences and advantages compared to the standard materials. Automated post-processing is ensured by the PostPro® systems from AMT Ltd.

ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, ZPP Zentrum für Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung May 14, 2021

«Added Value by Additive Manufacturing»

ZPP, your competent partner in additive manufacturing. From economic & technical feasibility studies, customized product development, topology optimization and simulation, process and parameter development for various metal alloys to general and customer-specific education and training on the topic.

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