3D printing technology has an increasingly important part to play in the medical sector. Made-to-measure implants produced directly from digital data open up greater scope for product personalization. Successful application examples also include 3D printed models used to plan surgical procedures.

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ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, ZPP Zentrum für Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung February 2, 2022

Porous titanium structures for patient specific implants

Porous structures with tailored structural stiffness can improve the load transfer from implant to bone and therefore, have great potential in orthopaedics and traumatology.

spherene AG September 7, 2021

Novel Design Method

This novel technology allows for the users to apply numerous boundary conditions and realize the best optimal solution with the Adaptive Minimal Density Surface (ADMS) methology.

AM Expo 2021

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 30, 2021

Additively manufactured dental products

The Multiplate option can reduce the production time for dental indications. For example, the TruPrint 1000 can be used for continuous production at night or on weekends.

AM Expo 2021

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 26, 2021
Service Highlight

Additive pilot production under ISO 13485 for MedTech

Take advantage of the specialized know-how from the Swiss m4m Center and the most innovative additive manufacturing technology from TRUMPF to develop your medical products.

AM Expo 2021

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 9, 2021

AM: maximum productivity in the smallest of space

Combining the Multiplate option with Multilaser gives you the highest productivity. Up to four build jobs can be printed without machine operator intervention. As a result, you achieve the lowest cost per unit. Learn more about it in the video.

Swiss m4m Center AG July 16, 2021

From titanium powder to hip implants

In an article recently published in Empa's magazine "Empa Quarterly", it is clearly shown how it goes from a pile of titanium powder to finished printed acetabular cups.

AM Expo 2021

Swiss m4m Center AG July 16, 2021
Service Highlight

In the service of technology transfer

The Swiss m4m Center is dedicated to the technology transfer of additive manufacturing and supports interested companies from the idea to the ready-to-use product. In this article you will learn how we can support you in your project.

AM Expo 2021

3D-Model AG July 23, 2020

Truly comprehensive solutions to produce bioceramic implants

3DCeram has developed a technology based on stereolithography for the production of bioceramic skull or jawbone implants. This technology allows to control the porosity, use calcium phosphates as materials and adapt the implant to the patient.

AM Expo 2018

prodartis AG June 15, 2020

Why CT perfectly complements additive manufacturing

For additively manufactured components with complex geometries, conventional test methods reach their limits. Using the example of housings intended for hearing protection and a connection angle, we show you how you can achieve reliable quality assurance despite complexity and structure.

pd|z Product Development Group Zurich April 30, 2020

helpfulETH – engineering solutions to help healthcare

helpfulETH is an initiative by the ETH Domain and Swiss academia. Its aim is to place the expertise of Swiss academia and Swiss industrial partners at the disposal of the Swiss healthcare system in order to offer as much support as possible to tackle COVID-​19.

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