Mobility (automotive, aerospace)

Lightweight structures produced using intelligent additive manufacturing methods combine high strength values with reduced weight. Low-cost production of complex parts and improved material properties open up new possibilities in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

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Rapid Manufacturing AG October 25, 2022

Drone parts for Wingtra Ltd.

The mapping drone of Wingtra – airplane and VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) Additive manufacturing parts suitable for air transportation – by Rapid Manufacturing

GF Casting Solutions AG September 28, 2021

GF Additive recertifies with excellence

GF Additive, also known as AMotion Center, renewed three of its most important certificates. The plant located in Novazzano obtained the recertifications without any further complaints or deviations from the quality guidelines.

AM Expo 2021

IHI Bernex AG September 10, 2021
Product Highlight

Surface Protection of Complex Shaped Components

Is your 3-D printed component of metallic material and in need of surface protection? Be it against oxidation, wear or heat resistance, then Bernex is your partner.

AM Expo 2021

pd|z Product Development Group Zurich September 9, 2021

Innovative Highly Functional Integrated AM Brake Caliper

A monolithic additive manufactured (AM) mechanism with threefold integration of functionalities: fluid channels, compliant thin corrugated membrane and lightweight design that demonstrates the free "functional complexity" potential of metallic AM

spherene AG September 7, 2021
Service Highlight

Cost reduction from design to production

The new design process method offers several advantages even during production. Which makes shorter design intervals, lower print height, free part orientation, and much more.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG August 16, 2021

Additive Manufacturing at the GF AMotion Center

Learn more about how GF Casting Solutions profites from a well-experienced precision casting know-how to improve its additive manufacturing competence.

NematX AG August 6, 2021
Product Highlight

Liquid Crystal Polymers - New High-Performance AM Materials

Nematic 3D Printing - high-precision end-use products for the harshest application environments: 10x stronger than PEEK - 250°C heat resistance - inert material properties - 25 µm part precision.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG August 5, 2021

New dimensions with the turbocharger demonstrator of GF

Additive manufacturing offers unlimited possibilities in terms of design, speed and production processes. We offer you serial production of big components with complexe forms and functional integration; even for motorsport solutions thanks to printing spaces of up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm.

AM Expo 2021

GF Casting Solutions AG August 3, 2021
Product Highlight

3D-printed turbocharger for motorsports

The motorsportworld is changing fast and speed is crucial to adapt to new trends. Additive technologies help to build more sustainable and powerful solutions like turbochargers. Learn more!

AM Expo 2021

AM Polymers GmbH August 2, 2021
Service Highlight

Application-Oriented Polymer Material/ Machine Advice

AM Polymers GmbH offers exclusively through its system engineering competence the selection of the appropriate material for your application and the on-site run-in on your Laser Sinter (LS) or High-Speed-Sintering (HSS) 3D printer.

AM Expo 2021

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