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3D printing embraces a wide spectrum of very diverse manufacturing methods that are developing at a rapid pace. What was inconceivable just a few years ago is now standard practice. This topic shows you all you need to know about new technologies and the options they have to offer.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software November 22, 2021

toolcraft AG uses NX to accelerate 3D metal printing process

Since 2017, toolcraft has been using Siemens NX solutions for additive manufacturing. Advanced techniques like powder bed fusion and multi-axis applications have lead to highly efficient and effective production levels.

CENTREDOC September 16, 2021
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Where do you find out more after the fair?

On, of course. Here you find access to the worldwide unique technology database for advanced manufacturing - 3DpaT of the Swiss Center for Data Analysis CENTREDOC.

IHI Bernex AG September 10, 2021
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Surface Protection of Complex Shaped Components

Is your 3-D printed component of metallic material and in need of surface protection? Be it against oxidation, wear or heat resistance, then Bernex is your partner.

MiMtechnik GmbH September 9, 2021
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3D-Metal-Printer FL300M Powder Bound Filament Printing

Perfection in 3D metal printing technology: FL300M Powder Bound Filament Printing System developed by FuseLab in collaboration with JLOX-Metal-Filament. Our new extruder technology delivers high performance 3D printing while maintaining the highest reliability standards.

APS - Tech Solutions September 9, 2021
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A customised 3D printing system for your applications

An innovation in industrial 3D printing: the modular and freely configurable and expandable Wizard 480+ printing system combines a highly precise and very stable frame with a new - patent-pending print head technology for continuous fiber printing.

spherene AG September 7, 2021
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Support-free Print Horizon

The algorithm makes it possible to realize parts which can be printed with highly reduced or even without support structures. Already reducing the costs in the virtual environment at the design level.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG September 1, 2021
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Consultation on additive manufacturing

Do you have a component that you would like to manufacture additively? Would you like to know the savings potential and other benefits that come with additive manufacturing? Our additive manufacturing experts would be happy to advise you and prepare you for a successful start with our technology.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 30, 2021
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Increased Productivity with Multiplate & Multilaser

Benefit from a longer machine runtime with the Multiplate option. With the Multilaser option, you also enjoy a productivity increase of up to 80 % and maximum flexibility for customer orders.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 30, 2021
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Additive manufacturing with preheating up to 500 °C

With features like optional 500 °C preheating and the full-field multilaser equipment with three 500 watt TRUMPF fiber lasers, you are fully equipped for the most demanding industrial applications.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 30, 2021

Additively manufactured dental products

The Multiplate option can reduce the production time for dental indications. For example, the TruPrint 1000 can be used for continuous production at night or on weekends.

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