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IHI Bernex AG September 10, 2021
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Surface Protection of Complex Shaped Components

Is your 3-D printed component of metallic material and in need of surface protection? Be it against oxidation, wear or heat resistance, then Bernex is your partner.

AMF ANDREAS MAIER GmbH February 25, 2020
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Zero-point-systems -The efficient zero-point clamping system

With technological superiority the zero-point system from AMF has virtually revolutionised the zero-point clamping technology market. The highly precise clamping modules with high draw-in, locking and holding forces ensure perfect clamping in the widest range of applications.

AMF ANDREAS MAIER GmbH February 25, 2020

Competitive advantage through fast set-up processes

You can't hear or see them. And yet they are true masters when it comes to reducing set-up times: the Zero-Point clamping system from AMF. This has also convinced MATSUURA, and so the AMF Zero-Point for their revolutionary hybrid machines ensures greater efficiency.

Jet Clean Systems AG February 12, 2020

Follow-up study "SURFAST for Additive Manufacturing"

In an extended study, the Institute for Materials Engineering and Plastics Processing at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil used various tests to investigate how the surface of additively manufactured components can be improved using SURFAST.

Jet Clean Systems AG September 4, 2019

SURFAST®: Feasibility study proves numerous advantages

In a feasibility study carried out in cooperation with the Hightech Zentrum Aargau AG, different methods for modifying surfaces were compared. This study illustrates why patented SURFAST® technology is a real innovation.

Jet Clean Systems AG April 2, 2019
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SURFAST® Addivites

With the SURFAST® technology you can save time and money and achieve higher quality. The combination of high-quality abrasive with the appropriate fluid enables high-quality machining of components.

Jet Clean Systems AG February 26, 2019
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SURFAST®: a new dimension of surface machining

SURFAST® is processing of free-form surfaces and edges with abrasive fluid jet. With SURFAST®, the following tasks can be carried out efficiently: cleaning, deburring, stripping, polishing, compacting.

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