Resource efficiency

In terms of sustainability, additive manufacturing delivers added value in many ways: reduced consumption of materials, less over-production and higher efficiency levels. Lightweight construction, functional integration and innovative product design are also key factors here. You can learn how to use additive manufacturing to create more sustainable products in this topic.

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BSF Bünter AG September 3, 2021

Automation in seconds - optimized feedrail

An automation system has to move 20 different products very quickly from a conveyor bowl to the assembly line. A hard job for the engineers, but a perfect job for SLM!

Advisors4am GmbH & NUFORM August 24, 2021
Product Highlight

Precision drive of a prototype plant

The assembly serves as the mechanical heart for driving a prototype system for the additive manufacturing of wear-resistant carbide materials with the special requirement of a micrometre-precise centric drive.

APS - Tech Solutions February 23, 2021
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4 x stronger than titanium - 3D printing with continuous car

With the additive machine tool, the Wizard 480+ and the APS continuous fiber technology, reproducible feather-light and highly resilient functional components can be additively manufactured!

myprintoo GmbH August 26, 2020

3D printed load-bearing fixture for E-wheelchair

UNA wheel, a start-up from Moscow, invented a unique electric motor, giving wheelchair users extra mobility. The electric motor is attached to a wheelchair with a load-bearing fixture which needs to be extremely stable and lightweight simultaneously. A perfect task for the Composer A4 by Anisoprint.

AMF ANDREAS MAIER GmbH February 25, 2020

Competitive advantage through fast set-up processes

You can't hear or see them. And yet they are true masters when it comes to reducing set-up times: the Zero-Point clamping system from AMF. This has also convinced MATSUURA, and so the AMF Zero-Point for their revolutionary hybrid machines ensures greater efficiency.

AMF ANDREAS MAIER GmbH January 24, 2019

Zero-Point-Systems from AMF: Reduce set-up time up to 90%

With the AMF zero-point clamping systems, set-up times can be reduced by up to 90 %. Read how MATSUURA Europe has made the setup processes of its hybrid systems with the AMF Zero-Point System repeatable, reliable and highly economical.

inspire AG January 23, 2019

Additive Manufacturing of Intelligent Solenoid Valve (iSV)

Additive manufacturing (AM) enables to place various sensors in specific areas of a part in close proximity to the location of interest. This showcase presents the design and manufacture of miniturized, intelligent and Industry4.0 ready high-pressure H2-valves with integrated sensors.

prodartis AG May 23, 2016

Long-haul flight with laser-sintered battery cooling system

Solar aviation requires pioneering achievements - in any discipline. Complex flow-optimized ducts of a cooling system are additively manufactured and allow a highly efficient battery cooling.

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