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Rapid prototyping stands for different additive manufacturing methods used for the rapid production ...

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Published on
December 13, 2016

Plastic injection mold with optimal conformal cooling system

Conformal cooling systems in plastic injection molds lead to a higher quality of the plastic product in a shorter cycle time. This results in a higher quality product at lower cost.


Published on
September 12, 2016

New, cardivascular chestbest from 3D printed mould

The Bavarian, mechatronic development and manufacturing partner GBN System has executed several functional samples in additive manufacturing for the Brandenburg start-up coronect.


Published on
June 28, 2016

Concept Tool

The concept tool is a prototype of an advanced drilling machine that sets a benchmark about what can be achieved today through state of the art 3D printing in terms of development and manufacturing.

Providers with competence in the topic "Rapid prototyping & rapid tooling"

3D Prints Lechthaler

Ihr Partner für professionelle 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing Teile aus Kunststoff und Metall !

BSF Bünter AG

Grenzenlose Möglichkeiten dank Additiver Fertigung von Metall in Kombination mit mechanischer Bearbeitung!

GBN Systems GmbH - Performing Mechatronics - Made in Bavaria

Mechatronischer 3D Drucker- und Gerätebau als Auftragsfertiger, Supplychain Manager, OEM Systemlieferant in der additiven Fertigung

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