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Rapid prototyping & rapid tooling

"Rapid prototyping" refers to the various additive manufacturing methods used for rapid production of specimen components – in fact, this is where additive manufacturing originated. Rapid tooling is another technology that speeds up product manufacturing. It takes advantage of additive manufacturing techniques to produce tools. This topic shows how you can benefit from rapid manufacturing methods.

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Prototype component vs. series component

Motor cooler housing for centrifugal turbo-compressor

Through the use of additive manufacturing processes, it was possible to produce near-series prototypes with additive manufacturing for a more…

Rapid tooling for plastic injection

In 25 days from order validation to delivery

A medical company approached Prototech Asia with specific requirements for end user parts. The Rapid Tooling solution allowed delivery in 25 days and…

Sumatran Rhino Skull

Modern technologies enable researchers to gain new insights

Through industrial imaging processes and 3D printing, extinct species can be brought to life for science and research, and new information about…

Due to the high level of detail of the mask, PepsiCo opted for 3D printing.

PepsiCo: Innovation in packaging design with 3D printing

In order to stand out from the crowd in today's advertising, companies are looking for new creative opportunities. Learn how PepsiCo and Marvel…

wear-resistant igus gears from the 3D printer

wear-resistant igus gears from the 3D printer

If time and costs involved in the production of prototypes pile up, it can become economically challenging for start-ups. The high-tech company…

For the series component (white) the number of lamellae was further reduced.

Grid holder for indoor climate solutions

In order to optimize the 2-component parts, the customer wanted to perform empirical tests on usability and functionality. The vacuum casting process…

FDM-printed PEEK molds with silicone sealing ring ©Fabru GmbH

Injection molds made in PEEK for silicone parts

Besides hobbyists, makerspaces and laboratories, fused deposition modeling (FDM) can be employed for professional applications with a variety of…

A prototype for the windscreen wiper of an Airbus helicopter: Produced quickly and cost-effectively

Prototypes for Airbus Helicopter with X400

The world's leading helicopter manufacturer Airbus relies on the X400 3D printer from German RepRap to produce prototypes for windscreen wipers…

Faster and cheaper: Printing big prototypes with the help of the X1000

TAKATA Plas Tec GmbH prints prototypes with German RepRap

By purchasing the German RepRap X1000, Tacata PlasTec was able to significantly reduce the development costs and production time of prototypes. And…

Functional prototype of vacuum cleaner

Motorised vacuum cleaner nozzle: Accurate in every detail

New development of a vacuum cleaner nozzle, which could already be thoroughly testet and optimised during the prototype phase. A distinct benefit of…

Conformal cooling system for a plastic injection mold

Plastic injection mold with optimal conformal cooling system

Conformal cooling systems in plastic injection molds lead to a higher quality of the plastic product in a shorter cycle time. This results in a…

Application sample of coronect cardiobelt made in 3D printed mould

New, cardivascular chestbest from 3D printed mould

The Bavarian, mechatronic development and manufacturing partner GBN System has executed several functional samples in additive manufacturing for the…

Suction is provided by the motor cooling.

Concept Tool

The concept tool is a prototype of an advanced drilling machine that sets a benchmark about what can be achieved today through state of the art 3D…

Fixture for boilded egg

Trainingsmodel «The Egg»

The training model supports future physicians in endoscopic surgery. It allows training of the processes and movements during an operation under…

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