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Industrial Computed Tomography for Aerospace

In hardly any other industry are the demands on component quality as high as in the aerospace industry. From the raw material to the finished products and assemblies, the highest standards apply in terms of dimensional accuracy, flawlessness and completeness.

Industrial Computed Tomography for Aerospace: The Most Important at a Glance

Inhomogeneities, such as porosity or cracks.

Within a short time, industrial computed tomography provides a 3D representation of the existing porosity in the component. This can be evaluated with regard to various aspects, such as total porosity, pore volume (in the entire part or in partial areas), pore size or number of pores, and marked in color in the generated 3D volume. Inclusions or cracks can also be evaluated and graphically displayed. Thus, manufacturing processes can be evaluated easily and quickly and optimized if necessary...

Soldered or glued joints

Do you want to inspect soldered or bonded joints within an assembly? By means of industrial computed tomography, we can scan either a complete component or only a partial area (ROI) and display it three-dimensionally or in section, as desired. Thus, various connections can be analyzed non-destructively for defects or adhesion.

CT image of a solder joint with color-coded representation of areas of insufficient wetting.

Target/actual comparison of molded parts

CT offers the advantage of measuring the complete component, including internal structures, without contact and displaying it in color-coded form, which is not possible with tactile methods. This makes it possible to quickly and easily compare nominal and actual values on the basis of CAD files, and to highlight deviations in color directly on the CAD model.

Wall thickness analysis

With the volume data of a CT examination, wall thickness analyses can be carried out with little effort. In this way, the wall thicknesses can be color-coded in the 3D volume and in the individual sectional images. This allows critical areas to be highlighted in color, making them quick and easy to locate.

CT image of a turbine blade; top: 3D volume; middle: cross-section perpendicular to longitudinal axis; bottom: Cross-section along a polyline

Inspection for completeness

CT measurements can be used to inspect complex assemblies for correct assembly and completeness non-destructively and without changing the actual condition.

CT image of a complex electronic assembly

Delivery times

Depending on the type and scope of the tests performed or the required test duration. Usually within a few working days or even hours.
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Eurofins Qualitech AG is a leading service provider for non-destructive material testing with highly trained and qualified specialists. 
The company also operates one of the most modern and also the largest CT facilities in Switzerland. The high energy of up to 600 keV makes it possible to analyze both large and thick-walled components, whereas the 225 kV microfocus X-ray tube enables high-resolution images in the micrometer range.

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