News AM Expo 2023

ProductionToGo GmbH is proud to present the Stratasys SL Road Show!

The Stratasys SL Road Show will focus on the Stratasys Neo® series. In a small circle, we will guide you through the entire stereolithography workflow.

The Neo® 3D printers are designed to produce high quality parts using stereolithography technology (SL/SLA). Whether prototypes, tools, or consumer products, the Neo® series makes component production more efficient and cost-effective. Together with Covestro materials, it offers incredible additive application possibilities, which we are happy to demonstrate to you up close.

Applications such as filigree injection molding prototypes, small series, additive mold making for investment casting or silicone casting, injection molds to wind tunnel testing with ceramic-reinforced materials are common applications of the Neo® machines, which we will be happy to show you with sample parts.

To learn more about the Neo® series, register to the event using the following link.