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HARTMANN MATERIALS AG your MedTech specialist - more than just a supplier. From small quantities at fair prices to new projects, we are your competent partner. In addition to the largest stock of titanium products, our team including a metallurgist is also at your disposal for customized inquiries.

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  • S DIN EN ISO 13485:2016
  • S Further services for manufacturers
  • S Further services
  • S Water jet cutting
  • S Further contract manufacturing metal
  • S Heat treatment
  • S Printing, marking

About us

In a nutshell, the modern-day BIBUS HOLDING is an international powerhouse active in three business segments - technology, materials and electronics – that comprises no fewer than 57 entities located in numerous countries throughout Europe and Asia. Whilst the product range may differ from subsidiary to subsidiary, each does offer the same core competencies, namely engineering, logistics and services. Moreover, each office enjoys access to the know-how and resources of the whole group. For all stakeholders, including customers, delivery partners and employees, this is a concept which has forged and will continue to sustain long-term, successful partnerships.

Taking a closer look at BIBUS’s materials sector, for example, established companies include SAUTER, BIBUS METALS and S+D METALS. The names BIBUS METALS and S+D METALS are well-known amongst procurement managers and materials experts thanks to the wide range of speciality alloys on offer, such as titanium.

And make no mistake about it, BIBUS maintains an impressive inventory in its warehouses. For example, the company holds over 1000 tonnes of nickel alloys and titanium for immediate delivery, including semi-finished products in the form of sheets, plates, strips, bars, tubes, pipes and fittings. Its warehouses themselves are equally noteworthy: take the Möhlin Service Center for example, the modern and forward-looking facility which the BIBUS HOLDING put into operation in 2012. It is said to be the most modern metal logistics centre in Europe and is ideally placed; the location in the immediate vicinity of Basel is close to where Switzerland, Germany and France all meet, allowing short delivery times to Switzerland and throughout the European Union.


Moreover, customers can benefit from a wide range of logistics and services. For example, not only can BIBUS compile packages, facilitate call-off orders and arrange just-in-time deliveries they are also supporting your success with a comprehensive range of machines and services, including but not limited to plate sawing, bar sawing, shearing and waterjet cutting, heat treatment and re-stamping.

Now BIBUS has taken yet another significant step forwards to further expand its capabilities and provide an even more rounded product offering. HARTMANN MATERIALS AG is the latest addition to the group and has been established with the aim of optimally combining the long-standing experience of both partners in distribution, global sourcing and warehouse logistics. The focus of HARTMANN MATERIALS AG is to supply European processors of sophisticated metal products, in particular manufacturers of medical implants, with high-quality semi-finished products, with the main focus on titanium.

Commenting, Mr Hartmann, the CEO of HARTMANN MATERIALS AG, said that customers will benefit from industry-specific solutions. “Having taken over the MedTech division of BIBUS METALS Switzerland, HARTMANN MATERIALS AG is now an excellent complement to the activities of the other group members and rounds off the overall portfolio. We will continue to operate from the existing warehouse and office, providing our customers with an uninterrupted service. We also strive to be at the forefront of the further development of solutions as regards technical specialization. Furthermore, we have achieved ISO-13485 in July 2020.”

HARTMANN MATERIALS AG provides customers with both spot and drop shipments. Moreover, our ability to provide just-in-time deliveries has been further enhanced thanks to the fact that we benefit from the groups` excellent infrastructure, such as BIBUS’s ultra-modern warehouse in Switzerland. Additional in-house services include cutting bars to specific lengths. State-of-the-art technology and logistics processes ensure extremely efficient and clean processing that leaves nothing to be desired. The Swiss warehouse has 5000 fully automatic storage locations for long products, flat products and small parts with a maximum capacity of 8000 tons. The investment in our infrastructure enables BIBUS to supply excellent products for the processing industry - flexibly and just-in-time. 

Network effect

All of BIBUS’s customers profit from the network effect within the group. If one BIBUS company should not have a requested material immediately available, it can fall back on the stocks of sister companies. Thanks to this strong network and excellent relationships with the producers, BIBUS is almost always able to either deliver from stock or to quickly source the required items, keeping delivery times as short as possible.

 The stock program within the group is complementary. It allows each company to provide a broader range of products to its customers. For example, HARTMANN MATERIALS AG can offer its customers titanium plates in various alloys and dimensions from the existing stock within the group. And thanks to an investment by S+D in one of the largest plate saws in Europe, clients can benefit from custom-made blanks produced to their exact requirements.