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Siemens Digital Industries Software November 22, 2021

toolcraft AG uses NX to accelerate 3D metal printing process

Since 2017, toolcraft has been using Siemens NX solutions for additive manufacturing. Advanced techniques like powder bed fusion and multi-axis applications have lead to highly efficient and effective production levels.

spherene AG September 7, 2021

Support-free Print Horizon

The algorithm makes it possible to realize parts which can be printed with highly reduced or even without support structures. Already reducing the costs in the virtual environment at the design level.

AM Expo 2021

Siemens Digital Industries Software February 23, 2021

NX Cloud Connected Products: Start free trial

Try NX Cloud Connected Products for free for your designs and learn how NX CAD capabilities can help you develop world-class, high-quality products. Start to design and program parts in minutes. No installation is required.

Siemens Digital Industries Software December 9, 2020

3D metal printing experts more effective with Siemens NX

LIGHTWAY offers in-house expertise in design, advanced additive manufacturing techniques, 3D metal printing, robotic CNC machining and final finishing with emphasis on quality and efficiency throughout the entire production process. Learn how LIGHTWAY increased productivity with Siemens NX.

CENTREDOC July 2, 2020

RAPID4: Innovative Technology Monitoring Platform

Your innovation platform RAPID has been the reference among technology monitoring tools for 15 years. With this monitoring and multi-source solution, all strategic information flows of your company can be managed on a single platform (patents, science)

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