Parametric structures in jewellery design

Aesthetic implementation of parametric structures in jewelry design using additive manufacturing - A symbiosis of aesthetics, technology and science.

Digimorphé creates unique jewellery merging digital design and fabrication with craftsmanship and embracing the specific characteristics and aesthetics of the manufacturing processes. 
In a current research project of the ZHAW ZPP and Digimorphé a strong focus is laid on lattice structures and optical appearance of surfaces manufactured with laser powder bed fusion (PBF-LB/M) in Ti6Al4V. Thereby, also a variety of post-processing techniques and their effect on the surface texture were evaluated. The use of a software solution based on implicit modelling as a tool for form finding and generation, enabled to create structures that would have been difficult to generate with conventional CAD software and to explore new formal languages that can only be materialised by additive manufacturing. The project impressively showed the potential for the jewellery sector and beyond that derives from the investigation of new paths combining digital design, additive manufacturing and surface finishing methodologies.