Product AM Expo 2023

SWISSCOOL MEDICAL 8100 – for maximum productivity and process reliability with low operating costs

In conventional water miscible cutting fluids, each additive has its own separate function. In our new polymer-technology, the additives work together as a team. This yields performance improvements of up to 30% compared to traditional cutting fluids.

It is essential that the water miscible cutting fluids used for the production of implants intended for the medical industry have a good biocompatibility. SWISSCOOL MEDICAL 8100 is not cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5. This demanding test ascertains the influence of the processing medium on the body viability. Water miscible cutting fluids are classified as not cytotoxic when the body viability is more than 70%. SWISSCOOL MEDICAL 8100 reached the very good result of over 80%.