Showcase AM Expo 2018

Realization of 3D printer for medical applications

Time and cost revolution in operational theatre: New 3D printsytem enables additive manufacturing of implants from high performance plastics (PEEK/TPE). GBN Systems supports KUMOVIS with the engineering and production of the printer.

The Bavarian contract manufacturer and system supplier GBN Systems is partner to start-ups and industrial companies in additive manufacturing as a one stop shop. 

Founded in 1989 the SME sized company CEO Siegfried Foerg now announced a breakthrough in supporting the enterprise of KUMOVIS. This start-up around the Technical University of Munich has created a 3D printing system, that enables additive manufacturing of medical products using high performance plastics. 

GBN Systems has been guiding KUMOVIS from early stages on as a technology and business mentor. During the running development process longlasting experiences in engineering of industrial devices are transfered into latest prototypes. During AM Expo the KUMOVIS printer celebrates it´s SWISS premiere. 

The KUMOVIS system advantages: 

  • distortion-free printing
  • integrated cleanroom technology
  • high precision / reproducability
  • process control

Currently invasions need to be planned and implants be printed in advance. It has alway been a huge vision getting this done during surgery. 

The new, innovative KUMOVIS technology process will enable the production of indivisualized implants under cleanroom conditions. A great achievement for efficiency. 

The used print materials: 

  1. PEEK (=Poly-Ether-Ether-Keton) is a high performance plastic that is known as light weight material that can replace metal. It´s high bio compatability qualifies for implant applications. Existing chemical and temperature resistance affect the sterilizing process positively. 
  2. TPE (=thermoplastic Elastomere) offers a special flexibility as established material in medical technology. 

Case example: 

In Germany anually more than 10.000 facial mouth/jaw surgeries are operated. Treatment times up to 14 hours can be reduced clearly using the KUMOVIS 3D printer. Valuable resources in manufacturing implants can be safed.

Applicational scenarios from facial-, dental-, spine surgery and boneplate implantation make clear what potential additive manufacturing of high performance plastic materials during surgery time may have.