Product AM Expo 2023

TwinTec cleaning and degreasing systems for medtech applications

Karl Roll GmbH, a leading manufacturer of cleaning technologies, will present its latest Roll cleaning and degreasing systems, which are tailored to the needs of the medical technology industry.

These state-of-the-art systems offer a wide range of applications, including the passivation of stainless steel parts and ultra-fine cleaning by means of multi-bath line or single-chamber systems. An outstanding feature of these Roll cleaning and degreasing systems is the flexibility in the choice of cleaning medium. Thanks to TwinTec technology, customers can use both solvents and aqueous cleaners in a single system. This enables a customized cleaning solution for various medical technology applications. By combining the two cleaning media, the advantages of solvents, such as high grease dissolving power and short drying times, are combined with the advantages of aqueous cleaners, such as the setting of polar contaminants.

Roll cleaning and degreasing systems from Karl Roll GmbH offer a wide range of applications in the medtech sector. Implant screws, stamped parts and surgical tools are just a few examples of the wide range of medical devices that can be cleaned by these systems. TwinTec technology enables effective degreasing and cleaning, meeting the stringent quality standards of the medtech industry.

"The possible integration of TwinTec technology into our Roll cleaning and degreasing systems is a major advance," says Tobias Oberauer, managing director of Karl Roll GmbH. "We enable our customers to take advantage of solvents and aqueous cleaners and achieve an optimal cleaning solution for their specific requirements."

With the Roll cleaning and degreasing systems with proven TwinTec technology, Karl Roll GmbH is setting a standard in medical technology cleaning. The combination of advanced technology, biocompatible solvents and efficient cleaning performance offers customers an outstanding cleaning solution for medical devices and components.

About Karl Roll GmbH:

Karl Roll GmbH is a renowned manufacturer of cleaning technologies based in Mühlacker-Enzberg near Pforzheim, Germany, offering innovative solutions for various industries. With many years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, the company strives to improve its customers' cleaning processes while meeting the highest quality standards.