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Mechanical engineering and automation technology

Additive techniques used in mechanical engineering enable tool-less, cost-effective and flexible production of single units and small series. These methods also foster the development of new system components with optimized functionality, and they generate application-specific automation solutions that open the door to new business fields.

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The Laser Hybrid process joins aluminum and steel parts at high speeds

Reduced assembly construction to reduce costs using SLM®

The heart of the welding process is the hybrid welding head with both an integrated GMA welding torch and laser optics. The new development of the…

Front of vacuum gripper - milled / additively manufactured

Highly dynamic vacuum gripper used in clean room

With clever design, Samaplast reduces downtime by 50%. The new vacuum gripper increases productivity significantly, because it weighs only just the…

Prototype component vs. series component

Motor cooler housing for centrifugal turbo-compressor

Through the use of additive manufacturing processes, it was possible to produce near-series prototypes with additive manufacturing for a more…

Collet cleaner Finished tool

Automated collet cleaner

The automated collet cleaner is an innovative solution to avoid chip marks in serial parts during unmanned production and thus to guarantee the…

Mounted reinforcement shell before drilling

Additive Manufacturing in use at 400m depth

With increasing depth, large forces act on the tubes of a geothermal probe. In order to be able to cope with these forces at the lowest point over…

Measurement probes in different shapes

Additive manufacturing of flow measurement probes

Vectoflow GmbH produces customized flow probes using additive manufacturing. The application impresses through its smart use of additive…

Z.E.C. AG developed these modular & flexible gripper jaws

EU innovation project: Flexible gripping system

Z.E.C. AG took up the challenge of developing a modular, cost-effective and lightweight gripping system as part of an EU-financed innovation project.…

3D printed plastic grippers save 85 percent cost and 70 percent time in the packaging industry.

Maintenance-free 3D printed plastic grippers

The packaging industry can only dream of this flexibility. Therefore it often takes weeks for a product change, until the right gripper is made. It…

Flow simulation in a KSS nozzle

Revolutionary KSS nozzle concepts thanks 3D-printing

211/5000 "Lubricate effort with minimal coolant lubricant (KSS), where necessary". The new possibilities of the AM technology with the expertise of…

Automatically generated, parallel cooling system

OptiCool - Automated design of conformal cooling channels

During a KTI-project, BSF Bünter AG has developped an innovative software tool, that automatically generates conformal cooling channels within a very…

Philips Lighting - Production Line

3D Printing Becomes Essential Production Thinking

Philips’ lightbulb moment: 3D Printing becomes essential production thinking. Working together Materialise and Philips Lighting explored the benefits…

Principle of a "usual" bayonet mount: the male side gets inserted into the female receptor.

Improved bayonet mount

The new design of the bayonet mount enables an easy mounting combined with very small size. The part can only be produced additively.