Showcase AM Expo 2019

Surgical guide for corrective osteotomy

An individually adapted surgical template was developed for the operation of an osteotomy correction. The guide fits closely to the radial bones and allows a precise surgical procedure.


A subject specific 3D printed surgical guide was designed for correction of a multiplanar right front limb deformity in a 7 year old, 19.1 kg, castrated cross-breed dog.

Materials and Methods

After determining the centre of rotation of angulation ("CORA") and the final wedge osteotomy, a 3D bone model of the entire antebrachium was created from the CT data. Based on the bone model and the calculation of the wedge angle, surgical templates were designed and laser-sintered from polyamide 12 (PA 12).

The guide included four holes for Kirschner wires used for temporary fixation on the radial bone and two osteotomy slits. The angle of intersection of the two osteotomy slits was equivalent to the magnitude of the CORA. Plates were contoured on the 3D printed bone model after removal of the wedge.


Subject specific osteotomy guides may allow precise execution of the preoperative planed osteotomy to accurately correct a multiplanar limb deformity.