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spherene AG September 7, 2021
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Cost reduction from design to production

The new design process method offers several advantages even during production. Which makes shorter design intervals, lower print height, free part orientation, and much more.

spherene AG September 7, 2021

Novel Design Method

This novel technology allows for the users to apply numerous boundary conditions and realize the best optimal solution with the Adaptive Minimal Density Surface (ADMS) methology.

Advisors4am GmbH & NUFORM September 2, 2021
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Bundled expertise for superior AM solutions

We have made it our mission to accompany our customers through all process steps from the clarification of requirements to the ready-to-install component, thus enabling a risk-free and rapid entry into the world of additive manufacturing.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG September 1, 2021
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Consultation on additive manufacturing

Do you have a component that you would like to manufacture additively? Would you like to know the savings potential and other benefits that come with additive manufacturing? Our additive manufacturing experts would be happy to advise you and prepare you for a successful start with our technology.

TRUMPF Schweiz AG August 26, 2021
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Additive pilot production under ISO 13485 for MedTech

Take advantage of the specialized know-how from the Swiss m4m Center and the most innovative additive manufacturing technology from TRUMPF to develop your medical products.

Advisors4am GmbH & NUFORM August 24, 2021

Experience sport in a new way with additive manufacturing

ASB GlassFloor stands for innovation in the world of sports. With the help of additive manufacturing, the company produces the most modern flooring system on the market. Like a chameleon, the floor adapts its illuminated pitch markings to the respective sport.

Materialise August 5, 2021

3D Printing Lightweight Metal Parts at Scale for Pinarello

To create Pinarello’s new racing bike, Dogma F, they needed the help of innovative partners and the latest technologies. Materialise’s complete metal 3D printing services and tailor-made workflows were a major enabling factor: almost cutting the weight of a crucial seat component in half.

Steiner Werkzeugmaschinen AG July 29, 2021
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The perfect 3D printer for your project

Looking for the latest technologies in the 3D printer sector? With us you get professional solutions and service on 3D printers, competent and reliable.

GF Casting Solutions AG July 26, 2021
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Setting new trends for the automotive industry

Need to speed up your manufacturing processes? Benefit from fast turnaround time and a single point of contact: From the concept to the serial production.

Swiss m4m Center AG July 16, 2021

From titanium powder to hip implants

In an article recently published in Empa's magazine "Empa Quarterly", it is clearly shown how it goes from a pile of titanium powder to finished printed acetabular cups.

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