Axis Prototypes


Axis Prototypes is an integrated 3d printing supplier offering rapid prototyping services and 3d printers for low-cost, low-volume manufacturing in numerous market segments. Axis Prototypes runs production grade 3d printers to produce plastic or metal parts directly from CAD files using additive manufacturing technologies such as SLA, DMLS, SLS, and FDM. In addition to its 3d printing services for the production of parts prototyping, Axis distributes 3D SLA printers from Prodways, a leading 3-d printer manufacturer for quality 3D prints, and premium materials. Industries include: aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, sporting and consumer goods, dental and medical, architecture, and telecommunications

Preferred Industries: Industrial Manufacturing, Services (Engineering, Consulting, Marketing, etc.), Textile / Furniture / Lighting

Saint-Léonard , Canada
Axis Prototypes
Contact Person: Daniel Oyama

6956, rue Jarry Est
H1P 3C1 Saint-Léonard
Offering of processor / service provider
Axis Prototypes offers services in the following areas:
Data generation processes
- 3D Scanning
- General engineering services
Axis Prototypes produces parts with the following technologies:

Primary forming

Fused Deposition Modeling
Photopolymer Jetting


Chemical machining / electropolishing


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